I wait every war for the 31 bits sale. All made in Africa with recycled poster paper. I’m so excited to add to my collection!


Bar mitzvah?


As a dancer sometimes you get random gigs. For me this was one of them. I was hired as a dancer at a bar mitzvah held at the surf heritage foundation in San clement, ca. I basically helped pump up the kids with games and activities as well as show them some sweet moves. It was pretty chill and felt like I was a guest at the party who knew no one (… And sometimes a loner on the dance floor). Nonetheless I had a good time and was paid for it! The surf foundation was pretty cool and had a surf and skate exhibit.



a dance company i am a member of, fuse dance, has a very exciting 2013 season coming up! we will be performing in Pulse this weekend and starting a new full length show! we just got our kickstarter up! take a look at it!!!!  Vesper is the name of the show and it will take place under the stars at an outdoor venue! besides these two very exciting things, we have been invited to perform in a few dance festivals all around southern california!

Tech day for pulse


The pulse performances are this weekend! Today concluded lighting and staging the show! I’m so excited to perform and take the stage with talented dancers. Come check us out if you happen to be in Costa Mesa, Ca! This show happens once a year with Southern California’s hottest choreographers and this year I have a piece in the show!!!